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24 Hours a day, 7 days a week.. We’re here to help

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Industrial cleaning services

Specialist Trauma Cleaning Services

Urgent Solutions understand that it can be difficult when dealing with trauma, we have specialists who are trained and qualified to professionally deal with these issues. Trauma cleaning is mainly required to make the area safe and we are fully equipped to quickly and efficiently deal with any trauma scene.

After a traumatic incident, it is vital that all traces of blood and other bodily fluids are completely cleaned from the scene, as well as ensuring that the area is fully decontaminated and sanitised. We offer our crime scene cleaning services across the UK.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Crime scenes are often distressing and difficult to deal with, they require a professional trauma cleaning service. Our trauma cleaning service provides a fast response to your emergency situation and we work with emergency organisations to ensure areas affected by traumatic incidents and safely and sensitively cleaned. We attend and clean sites for all types of death including shotgun suicide, murder scenes where there have been arterial bleeds, shootings, hemorrhaging, choking or strangulation as well as natural or sudden deaths.

Our technicians are trained to handle all types of trauma cleaning to professional standards and will thoroughly clean the area once it has been released by the emergency services. We will decontaminate the scene and remove and safely dispose of all waste and biohazard materials. We use the latest techniques to remove all hazardous material and substances and arrange for the safe disposal of any materials.

Dealing with a trauma scene can impact on staff wellbeing which is why we train, prepare and fully support our team in carrying out these challenging tasks. Any incident involving a biohazard should be recorded as part of a health and safety plan and as property owners and managers have a legal duty to protect their staff and others who access their property, a professional crime scene cleaners should be engaged to undertake the cleaning.

Undiscovered Death Cleaning

We provide a specialist decontamination and undiscovered cleaning team for situations where there has been an undiscovered death.  Where there has been an undiscovered death, a number of hazards may have surfaced including large numbers of pests and foul odours.  It is often this foul odour coming from the property that alerts someone to the potential issue.

Whatever the situation our technicians are highly trained to deal with the situation with compassion and discretion. With our rapid response we will quickly get the area made safe and decontaminated with the minimal possible disruption. We appreciate that it is a distressing situation for all and do everything possible to make the process as easy as possible. We take care of decontamination, cleaning, sanitising, restoring the affected areas  and the safe disposal of any hazardous waste. Odour neutralisation then removes any lingering odours.


Unpleasant odours often linger at crime scenes, having thoroughly cleaned the scene and removed any waste, we deodourise the area.

Health & Safety

Our professional team are fully trained and aware of their and the scenes health and safety requirements. We have set procedures in place for managing safety while undertaking a crime scene clean, complete full risk assessments, keep comprehensive records and review updates as well as methods of statement. Please request a copy if needed.

Repair & Rebuild

Our team can also provide full repair and rebuild services including:

  • Floor repairs

  • Skirting repairs

  • Carpeting repair or replacement

  • Decorate – repaint or wallpaper

  • Fill in and repair holes

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